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I came here to make you dance tonight.

(I don't care if I'm just a guilty pleasure for you.)

Josh! not at the disco.
10 August 1987
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At the moment I'm writing this, the one adjective I can think of to most aptly describe myself is wet. Really, really, wet. I went for an interview to be a RA at my school, and afterwards, I returned to my room to shower off the stench of (presumed) failure I felt was on my body (not to mention the smell of sweat from being way too worked up about an interview, but that's another story). Oh, and my towel decided to be wet, so after my nice, warm, two-minute long shower, I seemed to take another one while drying off. I hate how rude inanimate objects can be.
Anyway, my name is Josh. I'm a college student, a want-to-be creative writing major, extremely wet, and, in my honest opinion, pretty boring. This is my livejournal, where I'm going to attempt to keep updated with my thoughts, little stories or anecdotes I write, or other various forms of my attempts at being creative. It probably won't work, and I'll just end up bitching about my day half the time, but it's an experiment.